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Whether your business requires a one-off transaction or a complex, multi-currency hedging strategy, protecting your bottom line is paramount for us.

Our approach

Our goal is to help clients proactively mitigate the risks that currency fluctuations could pose for their business. We work closely to determine the extent of their exposure, as well as any macroeconomic factors that could impact the performance of their business and that of their competition.

We use a blend of knowledge and experience, market insight and proprietary technology to deliver relevant risk management strategies. One of the key differentiators we pride ourselves on is our relationship-led service. We build a strong partnership with each of our clients and communicate regularly to ensure that we fully understand the risks that could impact their business, both today and in the future.

Treasury and risk management

Treasury and risk management

As part of the financial planning process that takes place within a business, exposure to foreign currency should be high on the priority list. It is essential to analyze exactly where the FX risks are likely to be for your business in the short and longer-term. Once a business determines its FX objectives, the next step is to devise an appropriate hedging strategy that reduces the impact that currency can have on their bottom line. 
The approach taken should be based on the following considerations:

  • Visibility of requirement
  • What the business is looking to achieve 
  • Understanding the products available to them 
  • Their expectation of the market

Global Reach’s dealing team works on the basis that every business is different, using their expertise to create bespoke strategies that meet the client’s specific goals while also taking into account their appetite for risk. 



Having a wealth of experience working with all sizes of funds, our Institutional team can tailor our products to suit clients across a number of asset classes, including Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt, and Infrastructure. 

By thoroughly analyzing our clients' investment portfolios, using our expertise and best-in-class technology, we’re able to recommend relevant strategies that meet their specific requirements while remaining aligned to both their internal risk appetite and growth projections.

Outside of fund-level foreign exchange risk, our team specializes in devising strategies to manage the effect of volatility on management fees in foreign currencies, ensuring a reduced impact on our clients' liquidity.

Ultimately, our clients' goal is to ensure the performance of their investments, and ours is to support them in achieving that by helping to proactively manage their currency exposure.

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Corporate solutions

Option products can be used to compliment Spot Transactions, Forward Contracts, and Market Orders as part of a blended hedging strategy. We offer a broad range of Option products to give you more flexibility.
These products can carry a higher level of risk and might not be suitable for all businesses.

For more information about the wide range of products we can offer,
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